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“Not only are the crafts superb, the whole concept is fantastic. You have achieved what no amount of suggesting, cajoling or bribery could, namely a real interest on my son’s part in both history and his surroundings; that is the ultimate tribute to your sessions.” – Brendan

Dig it Kids was founded in 2010 by archaeology and history enthusiasts Stephen Mandal and Lisanne O’Loughlin. We work with wonderful teachers and archaeology students, and together we are committed to creating a kind, supportive and encouraging environment for all at our camps, workshops and events.

Our mission is to foster the love of learning in kids through bringing archaeology and history to life, and we achieve this by exploring our imagination, dressing up, devising crazy crafts, laughing, digging in the sand, storytelling, and most of all having fun whilst learning.

In 2019 the amazing Francesca Cadeddu joined our team and in addition to her vast knowledge of European prehistory, she stepped up our crafts game, taking it to a completely different level.

Here is a little bit more info on our team:

Lisanne O’Loughlin is a legendary storyteller. She knows all sort of unusual things about people and places because she spends so much time reading history. She is the ultimate history nerd and is happiest writing and telling stories. Lisanne’s stories embrace our core values of kindness, resilience, resourcefulness and perseverance. Listeners are transported into the past, living historical events through the eyes of the main character, often a child. Lisanne is also super smart – with an array of qualifications in teacher training and psychology. Her expertise and experience helps us to understand the psychology of learning and create an optimum supportive environment for children.

Stephen (Steve) Mandal is a fun-fact guru and world-renowned master of Dad jokes. He has two sons who loved going to museums and archaeology sites when they were little, and he noticed that a lot of his children’s friends were similar, so he started dragging gangs of kids around the countryside looking at lumps of stones and old ruins. He believes every university professor should teach a 7-year-old, as

they ask the best and most challenging questions. Steve is a lifelong scouter and is a Beaver Scout leader in Blackrock, County Dublin, so he is very good at getting down to the level of younger kids. It turns out that Steve is also very smart – he has a degree in geology (and an unhealthy obsession with rocks) and a PhD in archaeology, and is a research associate of the Smithsonian Museum, no less!

Francesca Cadeddu is most famous for her incredible ability to design crafts that are age appropriate, challenging and rewarding in equal measure. Her crafts are designed to reinforce the learning – be it making a castle from toilet roll inserts or illuminated Celtic letters using glitter pens. She has a young daughter, who is her first source of inspiration for creating new crafts and fun activities and give her the drive to bring joy and great fun to all the children. She is always up to something! She is originally from Italy, and so has a love for Mediterranean archaeology and history. She can teach your children amazing recipes, especially if they involve salt dough! Francesca is also super smart, holding a degree, a master, and a PhD in archaeology.

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