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Custom Programmes

“Dig it Kids inspire children’s awe of the world’s real-life wonders, changing their perspective on topics they may have only read about in books” – Keith Bellows, VP National Geographic

Dig it Kids have a proud record of working with schools (through the Heritage in Schools Scheme), museums, libraries, heritage centres and festivals all over Ireland and internationally (as far afield as the Smithsonian Museum DC and the Harvard Peabody Museum, MA).

We inspire children’s awe in discovering the history and archaeology of the world around them, stimulating their curiosity and cultivating their love of learning.

Our custom programmes are tailored to suit your interests, curiosities, and local heritage. We can deliver our programmes both online and in person, accordingly to your specific needs, equipment, and facilities. You can pick and mix from a wide range of activities, including:

Fun facts

We use interactive, animated presentations to deliver top quality information, while our passion, enthusiasm and sense of fun guarantees continuous entertainment for the children.


We create history and archaeology themed crafts, tailored for different ages and skills, which will educate the children through hands-on learning and help them consolidate their knowledge.


We tell stories from history and archaeology to teach children about admirable human qualities, such as strength of character, creativity, perseverance, helpfulness & cooperation, ingenuity, fairness and kindness. That helps children to understand their place in world in a meaningful context.

Simulated excavations (in person only)

We bring the dig to you – using sand pits and carefully constructed simulated archaeological digs aimed at teaching children about the science of archaeological excavation, whilst enjoying the wonders of discovery.

Activities (in person only)

We are strong believers in learning by doing and can come to you with a wide range of hands-on activities designed to bring history and archaeology to life. Examples of our activities include:

  • making a 3-D model of your local area through time
  • learning about Roman engineering by making an aqueduct
  • making medieval ink from an ancient recipe and writing with a quill

Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries or question you might have. We will work hard to bring history and archaeology to you in the way you want.

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