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“Thank you for your brilliance – and the incredible prep for the crafts, story-telling and history lessons and the craic and chemistry together that you guys brought. Utterly wonderful. Daddy and Mammy send you a massive round of applause!” – Stephen

Dig it Kids have unrivaled experience in designing and delivering engaging online programmes, a silver lining to the cloud that was the Covid19 pandemic restrictions.

In March 2020, we decided to try to do our part in supporting kids and parents stuck at home in lockdown and facing such uncertain times. We designed and ran a series of 10 free online workshops every Saturday morning from March through May. We combined fun facts, craft and story in 2-hour sessions. We had such fun and the children created incredible crafts using household items, for example a Norman castle out of toilet paper and a megalithic tomb out of salt dough.

We had a regular attendance of over 200 children and at our peak, we had 500 kids signed up from all over Ireland, the UK, France, Spain, Dubai and even Boston!!! The Irish Heritage Council heard about it and gave us some funding and we won a Community Heroes Award from Newstalk / Bank of Ireland.

Inspired by the success of that project, we partnered the Heritage in Schools Scheme (a governmental programme of the Irish Heritage Council) and a small group of heritage specialists in a pilot virtual programme for schools in Donegal and Kilkenny. Over a six-week period, we (virtually) visited over 50 schools. In Kilkenny, we made shields and castles, learning about the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland and heraldry. In Donegal, we made illuminated Celtic letters and learned the secrets of the Book of Kells.

“Every class should avail of this workshop. the hosts are very engaging and the session is very hands on and practical. the children were 100% focused and engaged and very proud of their finished artwork.” – Heritage in Schools feedback, Donegal

We have also worked with a number of Irish libraries, delivering open to all programmes, and most recently, we delivered a free winter solstice event (funded by the Brú na Bóinne Visitor Centre) where families baked a model of the megalithic tomb of Newgrange!

How it Works

The incredible advances in technology have allowed Dig it Kids to teleport directly into homes through our fun filled, educational, interactive and hands-on virtual camps, workshops and events.

We combine engaging presentations, step-by-step guided craft activities, and enthralling stories, all focussed on igniting children’s imagination and transporting them into the past.

All you will need to participate is a computer or a tablet to log on, some craft materials and some simple household items, and of course your child’s curiosity.

  • Once you register, you will be sent all the information you need for your child(ren) to enjoy the event. This includes:
  • Instructions on how to log on and how our online platform works
  • A list of equipment you will need (we take care to choose easy to get craft and household items (we are particularly fond of toilet roll inserts, flour and table salt!)
  • Templates for the crafts we will be doing. But do not worry: they include also instructions if you do not have access to a printer)

Contact us or complete a Booking Enquiry ( –> ) for more details or to organise a tailored online workshop(s) for your organisation.

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